Good Luck to Rowler, Trainwreck, and Angela on THE MISSION

A bit over two years ago, my good friend Billy (aka Rowler) went to Costa Rica on a Peace Corps assignment. Earlier this year, I had the pleasure of visiting him, a trip that I still talk about which also yielded five different blog posts I wrote.

Well, it’s finally time to come home, so why not do it in style? Rowler’s girlfriend Angela, their Canadian buddy Trainwreck and some dude named Doug1 are making THE MISSION – a bus trip through Central America.

The Mission is being documented by each person at

While I do look forward to seeing what happens between Billy’s Cleveland Indians (go Tribe!) and Trainwreck’s hated Boston Red Sox, I also hope to see more of Doug’s reviews on the hotels and food, because he is the only hope for any coherent and relevant writing coming from the aforementioned blog.

As far as Angela goes, the staff here at is just hoping that she survives the watered-down-testosterone-filled trip up to LA, where I’ll take the boys out and she can have girl time with Amy.

Despite the inadequate and illogical writing, I plan to continue watching the team’s progress, and wish them the best of luck as they cross back into the good ol’ US of A and hope to party hard with them in LA! Cheers everyone!


1I’m already convinced Doug is the the coolest person this trip, by default

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