My letter to Congresswoman Jane Harman

I originally posted the following letter on the Facebook only, but since I received so many compliments, I’ve decided to post it here for you:

Good evening Jane, this is Mike Roberto of Hermosa Beach again.

I am quite disappointed that you voted in favor of this morning’s bailout bill. I am, however, pleased that a majority of your peers were wiser than you, saw through this Unconstitutional bill of criminal support, and voted it down.

It has become clear to me that you do not understand basic macroeconomics, and since this is our most pressing issue, I cannot vote for you or support you in any way.

I highly recommend that you find time to sit down with Congressman Ron Paul and have him explain to you the disaster that your policies have caused. You are supporting an unjust system which has devalued our currency by 95% since 1913, and you are supporting bills which will cause even more damage to your constituents.

It is not too late for you to understand responsible fiscal policy and to bring US Government spending back under control. Please re-consider your policies.

Sincerely, Mike

One comment was from my good friend, Lon, who said:

This nut also happens to be responsible for HR 1955 (Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act of 2007). Vote BERTO for CA district 36 in 2010!

I cannot believe that I never put two and two together. MY representative is the person who created HR 1955 (Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act of 2007), which is essentially a vague and intrusive “thought crime bill” that criminalizes protesting and dissenting from the government’s ideas if you have an “extremist belief system”, which of course is undefined.

It is unconstitutional and violates our right to free speech, and it was written right here on my home turf — in a place where no majority of constituents would even support it!

Lon also had a good write-up of this bill that you can read here.

This now brings up the scary part – there are no third-party candidates running in this district! It’s just Jane and THIS guy. I can understand not having a Libertarian or Constitutional candidate, but no Green Party candidate here either? What a sad state of affairs.

Mike Roberto for CA 36th District 2010, indeed?!

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