Outclassed in Austin – A giant THANK YOU to the Longhorns

After our showing last year, I honestly have no clue how the Horns are going to treat us [Ohio State fans]. I’d like to think they’ll be nice, but everyone down here knows what shitty, trashy hosts we were, so I’m not expecting the best. We’ll see.
–Me, 08.16.06

If this isn’t the dumbest thing I’ve ever written, then I’m not sure what is.

Words cannot express the amount of gratitude I have for the Texas Longhorns fans. I want to send you the biggest THANK YOU possible for making this one of the best weekends of me and my friends’ lives. It was downright legendary, and it’s all due to being with the most absolutely awesome fan base I’ve ever seen.

It is with extreme jealousy and admiration that I write this right now, as the Texans have completely out-classed us in every aspect possible. My friends were simply blown away the entire time, and it would have been impossible for me NOT to have shown them a good time.

We were awful hosts last year, and you could easily have slung it right back. But instead, you took high road and killed us with kindness. Thank you thank you thank you thank you!

I’ve never had so many beers and shots bought for me. I’ve never seen such brotherhood and bonding. I’ve never been asked by so many people if I’m having fun, doing, or if I needed anything — this is the way it should be people.

I don’t care about the football game — Ohio State just got schooled by Texas. I hope every Buckeye goes back to Ohio and brings these lessons to central Ohio.

So at this point, I definitely have to give some shout outs, because everyone was SO incredible:

  • Mo and Cory – for throwing one of the finest tailgates I’ve ever been to. Thank you guys SO much, you can crash on my couch any time you’re downtown. Oddly enough, these guys are Purdue and Notre Dame grads respectively, but I’m not surprised why Mo will don the burnt orange on Saturdays. 100% class.
  • Kate – for introducing me to Mo and Cory last year and being such a good friend and great host – thanks!
  • Halah, Anna, Lindsay, and the rest of the girls – too much fun. Thanks for taking in our girlfriends, playing flip (not flippy!) cup against us, and showing us how it’s done.
  • Thomas – I don’t know why, but this guy totally took us in on Thursday night, got us tons of free shots, and got us to cut lines at bars on 6th. Thanks if you’re out there buddy!
  • The guys and gals who read my blog and came and partied with us on Lake Travis on Friday. Sorry for the lack of sunshine, but I think we did a damn fine job! You guys rock and I hope Stubb’s and the game turned out as good for you as it did for us!
  • … and of course, while we’re on the lake, Daybreak Rentals. You guys putting up with my idiocy was just incredible. Definitely happy we rented with you, and sorry about the anchor!
  • The guys at Carlos and Charlies. I don’t remember any names, but one fella came up to us, said “yall treated me like shit last year…. and i’m going to… kill. you. with. KINDNESS” and bought us 2 rounds of shots. Outclassed again.
  • Nate Novosel – for driving a car to the Lake even though you had a bum ankle
  • Sujit, Vinay, Nick Butler (haha I work with this guy every day and still keep calling him Dan — sorry Nick!), the high school football coaches, and everyone else I chatted it up with during the game… too many to count and remember. Thanks for showing my friends so much fun!
  • Those crazies who came up to me right as I walked to the tailgate and made me take a long pull on the bottle of Jack… you guys are hilarious and awesome, thanks! (by the way my liver does not thank you)
  • Stubb’s BBQ – Hey, maybe they “sold out” to the Buckeyes, but someone had to put all of us SOMEWHERE. Great service, good eats, perfect venue for us! I look forward to my next show there, as always
  • The Ohio State Alumni Organization, Austin chapter. WONDERFUL JOB. Great choice on Stubb’s!!
  • My neighbors for putting up with me after “quiet hours” — thanks, and sorry for any disruptions!
  • And most importantly, the Austin law enforcement, fire, and emergency rescue squads for keeping everyone safe, healthy, and responding quickly to any problems while everyone was out having fun. THANK YOU!

It was with extreme disappointment that I had to wake up to this article: Fan violence mars Ohio State’s big win over Texas. Reading this, we were completely dumbfounded, there was absolutely NO violence here… not even on 6th… “where was the trouble?!” we asked as we clicked the link…

Oh, of course: In Columbus, OH. GODDAMNIT KIDS. GROW UP. GROW UP RIGHT NOW. Learn how to be civil human beings. Holbrook — throw em all out. I just can’t believe it. I have nothing more to say on the issue here. Come to Austin for a week, keep your lighters in your pocket and your big mouths shut, and learn how to function as productive members of society. Jesus…

Listen people, I wouldn’t trade my 5 years at Ohio State for anything, and I’m forever a proud Buckeye — but there’s a reason I’m here. It’s times like these when I really question myself on why in the hell I’m moving away from Austin, even if only for 3 years.

So one last time – THANK YOU from all of the Buckeyes. Feel free to send this to all of your Ohio State and Longhorn friends — because we mean it.

One last thing… why the hell not… Hook’em Horns!


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