Update: Feb 14th 2007 Windows Updates Crash explorer.exe Fix

Warning: This is a HUMILIATION post

I recently reported that I fixed my explorer.exe crashing issue with Windows Updates. I lied.

Uninstalling/reinstalling Windows XP Service Pack 2 worked, but the system returned to fubar mode when it grabbed the Windows updates again.

I embarrassingly cursed upon the realization that I’d have to admit to my readers, who are in legion, that I had made a mistake.

Anyway, one of these Windows Updates was still not installing properly, as mentioned in the previous entry:

I go back into Windows Update and notice that one security update is not installing. This could be part of the problem, but of course MS gives you no useful error message.
— mikeroberto.com technical editor

This ended up being the problem. To fix it:

  1. Download and install Qfecheck from Microsoft. This utility will check to see that all of your Windows Updates are installed properly. I recommend everyone do this.
  2. Get to a command prompt by Start >> Run >> cmd or through the task manager’s file menu >> New Task as described earlier.
  3. Enter cmd to get to the command prompt
  4. Enter qfecheck and hit enter. Does it recommend any hotfixes to be reinstalled? It recommended about 5 of them for me
  5. Google each one of those hotfixes (ie. just search for KB900725) and one of the top links will take you to Microsoft’s download page for it.
  6. Download and install each one, rebooting when it asks, and run qfecheck again.

When all hotfixes are in fact installed properly, your system will run better.

So today we learned three things:

  1. Qfecheck is a nice utility that I had never used before.
  2. I sometimes like to fix things with a drill and a sledgehammer rather than finesse. When it comes to my computer, that’s fine, but if I fix someone else’s, I gotta put the sledgehammer down
  3. I am willing to admit my mistakes and suffer ultimate humiliation for the pleasure and satisfaction of my readers
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