Weekend Review – Los Angeles Birthday Action

I was in LA from Dec 6-10 doing some work, house-hunting, and celebrating my 25th birthday with some old and new friends.

My job in LA is going to be great. The territory is awesome, the job is fun (but difficult), and it will definitely not get boring.

House-hunting went well, and I found a place to live with a few guys in Redondo Beach, right by Hermosa Beach. It’s a 20 minute walk to the ocean, which isn’t too bad. I plan to bike down there and run on the strand. The house is very nice and the roommate I met was great.

Saturday I turned 25. It was a great day – I had a good workout, was treated to lunch by Claire, signed my lease, and then went out with Brownie and a bunch of new friends (Shawn, Heather, Lindsay, and whoever else I met).

After a nice dinner, we made it to West Hollywood to get started at Lindsay’s place. It was a great time, but once the tequila started flowing, I knew I was in trouble.

We made it to the legendary Saddle Ranch. We watched people work the mechanical bull (Lindsay owned it)… thankfully I didn’t. Dennis Rodman was also there, but my birthday was obviously far more important.

Thanks for the great time everyone!

Anyway, I’m looking forward to the move to LA, but for now it’s time to finish up some business in Austin!

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