A Few More Things…

Earlier, I wrote a blog entry about what I’ll miss about Austin. I forgot two so VERY important things that I have to add a new entry:

  1. Skirts with cowboy boots. HOT. It’s awesome, I hope this catches on everywhere. Enough said.
  2. Y’ALL. I must say, I have fallen in love with the use of y’all. It’s so much more fun and easy to say than “you guys” . :”You guys” is awkward and lame, but Y’all has so many good uses:

    “How’re y’all doin?” “It was nice coming to y’alls house” “Fuck y’all I’m from Texas”

    And so on. So I plan on bringing y’all with me from Texas, even if people thing I’m a moron when I say it in the city. And I hope the ladies bring the boots and skirts.

  3. The hard-working attitudes of Texans (and Ohioans, for that matter). More on this later.
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