On Sunday, my friend Joe and I drove from LA to Phoenix, for the National Championship. After dropping Joe off, I picked up Jeremy and Allison at the airport. Kirby came a couple of hours later, and it was great seeing everyone.

Our late-weekend beatdown began quite quickly as we tried to go out in Glendale, only to get turned around due to the bars closing at midnight. All of the good events were far off in Scottsdale, so we just turned in and drank at the hotel and caught up.

Gameday was fun, despite being on a Monday. We went to a tailgate quickly, and saw that the ticket market was unreasonably expensive ($1300 for a ticket? No thanks..) so Jer and I gave up that idea real quickly and decided to tailgate all day long. We succeeded.

We arrived at the big party in their shopping center, and began the onslaught. Good times were had, it was a bit too loud and a bit too crowded. Allison headed out to get her Florida student ticket.

It was my first time seeing Josh and Gina for a long time, so it was great seeing them. We also bumped into Kate, Marisa, D. Smith, Silverman, and lil Steph, which was cool.

The game was as horrible for me as it was for you. It’s almost funny how unprepared and humiliated Tressel had this team. I don’t need to write any more about it… every one else has said it all.

After that, we were pretty chill, and now I’m in the car with Joe on the way back home.

All props to Florida’s team and Urban Meyer. But I gotta tell you, Florida fans have to be the lamest bunch of ducks I’ve ever seen. I’m glad there weren’t any problems though, it seems that things were rather peaceful. Now this isn’t sour grapes, I give their team respect, but the lameness was just unbelievable:

The Florida cheers are so stupid. “Orange!… Blue!…. Orange!… Blue!”. Real creative — and that is one of the better ones. That Florida chomp looks ridiculous. The clothing, the hairstyles, the constant references to gator bait. You have got to be kidding me. I know I’m not the most stylish person (nor is Ohio State in general.. we have plenty of issues too) but please shoot a hole in my head if you ever see me wearing a pair of khakis that have little team logos embroidered all over them. Or if I grow Donald Trump hair, which I saw on at least 3 guys. Or if I pop my collar. Are you people serious?

Anyway, it was a fun weekend, but could have obviously been better. Good seeing everyone, we’ll need to figure out what games in 07 we’ll get together for! I’ll have pics up later.

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