This is What I Have to Deal With…

In a less-than-five-minute Sunday bike ride, I find myself in heaven.

Bars, coffee shops, good looking people, dog-walkers, volleyball, joggers, bicyclists, and most of all, water. Lots and lots of water.

I ride down Pier Ave. and after crossing Hermosa Ave. arrive at the pier. On the left and right are tons of bars, shops, stores, restaurants, coffee shops, etc.:

Next time I’ll stop for a beer at Hennessey’s and a view of the ocean. As you can see, people bring their pets and sit by the fences at many of these places with the pups chillin outside:

Below is The Strand, headed south towards Redondo Beach. It’s a jogging/biking path on the beach with ridiculously expensive homes alongside it. The only better place to go for a jog is in the actual sand:

I walk out to the Hermosa Beach Pier. I’m not a good photographer by any means, but this is a good shot:

“Hi, I’m a bird on the Pier. All I do is hang out by the water in the sun, eat delicious fish, and have wild bird sex. I have no predators besides impending human catastrophe. You might say that I have a nice life.”

The view down south to Redondo Beach:

The vew up north towards Manhattan Beach is a bit nicer here:

High winds were making some pretty big and nasty waves. I’m pretty sure you don’t want to go surfing in this:

Let’s walk back to the beach. Framed inside of the volleyball nets is the Poopdeck, my favorite dive bar in SoCal so far! The guys to the left were ridiculously good at volleyball, and would make me reconsider jumping into a game in such a prime location:

More volleyball. I plan on taking some classes to meet some people that aren’t non-stop alcoholics and want to do something active before getting those margaritas:

Man is that sun bright. This might be the best photo I’ve ever taken:

Kids playing in the sand and water down in Redondo Beach:

Some of these houses on The Strand are downright ridiculous. Here’s one of my favorites:

…and that’s life out here on a 60 degree Sunday in February. To say that I can’t wait for the summer would be the understatement of the century.

Note: You may have noticed that has changed. I’m in the process of upgrading to Gallery 2 and will have things migrated eventually.

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