Beagling in Bellville

Lunch time!

I’m ahead of most of my friends, so I’m waiting around to eat with them.

So far all is good, my main ride partner has been Kristen, James’ girlfriend.

Just before lunch we hit some hills, nothing tough, but I realized how much I like climbing. I was pasing everyone in high gear.

The beginning of the ride was a bit frustrating for the faster guys, which doesn’t include me really. It takes until the first breakpoint to separate the chumps from the champs and to scatter everyone. In the meantime, you got these cyclists who are completely passive aggressive and get mad at people who hang on the left, and rightly so sometimes. But shut up with the abide comments!

The GPS is tracking but I’m low on battery and when I lose intenet access in the middle of nowhere, things shut down.

Ok everyone is here, see ya!

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