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Regarding This Week’s Shark Attack in San Diego

Before I begin, I’d like to send my condolences out to the family of Dr. David Martin, who was killed by a great white shark in Solana Beach earlier this week.

I’ve recently received a good number of concerned messages after Dr. Martin’s death, since I’ve been swimming and surfing a lot lately. While I appreciate your concern, I am here to publicly state that I am not going to stop swimming or surfing due …

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Cheers to My Personal Hero, C. Reeve

Those of you who followed me during the MS150 know how I excited I was on “the hunt”. Immediately after I finished the ride, I pulled my cell phone out of my bag and messaged Eric to see if he finished yet.

In the process, my ID and the $23 wrapped around it must have slipped out, because it was gone after that. I realized this later, and had to get to the airport …

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Thank You to my MS150 Sponsors

I’d like to thank all of my sponsors who donated to the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation for my ride into Austin. Here’s the list of everyone, in order of contribution date:

  • Ashley
  • Uncle Anthony
  • Rowler
  • Jordan
  • Geri
  • Aunt Maddie
  • Gramma
  • Marilyn G.
  • Joe P.
  • Mom
  • Brian
  • Brother Nick
  • Aunt Patty
  • Big Mike Roberto
  • Kathy G.
  • Ddoson
  • John Z.
  • Lon
  • KiRBY!
  • Allison and Polly
  • Jamie


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