Sailor’s Choice: An Introduction

About a month ago’s oft-quoted friend, Dan, introduced me to a term that his friend had coined: Sailor’s Choice.

Sailor’s Choice is a saying that encapsulates the state of having the perfect buzz while drinking alcohol. This condition is ideally suited towards having insightful, witty conversation while losing most, if not all social anxieties. Although erroneously named, it has quite a charming ring to it that I’ve decided to adopt.

Sailor’s Choice has one major problem, however: it feels so good to have, one continues to drink more to extend this sensational feeling. Soon after this point, drunkenness ensues, which leads to more worthless, shameless, and wreckless behavior. I’ll be the first to admit that there is a time and place for such inappropriateness, but when attempting to casually and socially drink, straddling the line of Sailor’s Choice is much more preferable.

If you drink, please join me in the challenge for the perfect buzz – and with it, the perfect, memorable conversation!

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