American Airlines Tries to Put Damper on MS150

There’s nothing quite like getting an e-mail from your airline that says “CANCELED” when you’re on your way to the airport.

Then again, you weren’t surprised, since you’re flying on an American Airlines MD-80, which has been grounded due to someone forgetting to use the proper colored tie-wrap.

(changing to first tense) So I went home while getting American Airlines on the phone and checked my options. Fly into San Antonio with another airline? See what American could do for me? DRIVE for 20 hours halfway across the country?? (Yes, I was willing to do this since all you donators [who will be thanked later]) didn’t pay money to see me get stuck in LA!

Finally, I got a nice young woman on the line, and explained to her that I’d love to see if I could get flown into Austin by Friday or Houston by Saturday, but would need to fly out of Austin regardless. Feeling the confused expression on her face, I explained the bike race, the Multiple-Sclerosis Foundation, and was generally flexible and charming (I only have about 10 minutes of this superpower per day, and wisely used it then).

She then booked me on a non-MD-80 flight to Dallas, after which she’d get me to Austin tomorrow 3 hours before our bus leaves for Houston. Perfect!

Little did I know that this wonderful woman also booked me on first class! So while 250,000 travelers are stranded, I’m sitting there flying to Texas in first class with a glass of wine, a real meal, and plenty of legroom! Thank you so much random customer service representative – Let’s get married!

Not wanting to get stuck in Dallas, I rented a car and drove to Austin.

So greetings from Austin, fortune has lied in our favor and we’re ready to ROCK!

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