My Mission Statement

Information, Awareness, and Competition

There are several industries that are dominated by companies, individuals, and even government agencies that spread false and/or unverified information that is unfit for the average consumer. They promote products and services that serve no purpose beyond creating profits without benefit to the end-user. Moreover, these companies often plague the industry with anti-competitive practices, further hurting consumers through high prices and lack of choices.

It is my mission to use my skills in web design, internet marketing, and search engine optimization to provide factual, research-backed information to users in a way that helps foster awareness and increased levels of competition amongst vendors. I will pull no punches and will put all of my energy and resources into attacking these non-competitive, predatory, and deceitful practices, even if my own profit margin suffers because of it.

I will remain focused, and will attempt to focus on one industry at a time. I will employ high-quality, deserving individuals, and will show no favortism whatsoever. While my gameplan may change, my overall mission will not.

I will not, however, sacrifice my own personal health in the attainment of this mission, nor will I sacrifice personal fun.

If you are one of these predatory companies or government agencies employing deceitful, anti-competitive practices, be warned: I’m coming for you.

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