New Decade, Bigger Mission. My Plan Heading into 2020.

The trajectory of the sports nutrition supplement industry, the industry I am a part of, has been a completely unexpected yet incredibly satisfying thing to see. We’re now at a point where there are SO many brands who are doing it “right” that it’s made our lives easy. In this case, I consider “right” as full efficacious dosing, manufacturing disclosure, providing lab tests or having drug-tested supplements, etc… and they taste good these days too. We can amplify their messages, and that fills up the ENTIRE monthly schedule for two people.

This was not even remotely possible even 6 years ago. Today, you can walk into a great store like Natural Body Inc, throw a dart at random, and odds are, you’ll hit a quality supplement.

For instance, take a look at the two most ‘popular’ US brands right now – Redcon1 and Ghost. Both have compliant, well-dosed, and open formula pre workouts. Say what you will about either brand, but these are undoubtedly the “cool kids in the room” right now, and they’re open formula.

From that perspective, life is good in sports nutrition right now, especially for the consumer. We literally pick our advertisers, do our best to keep up with them, and then can go do something of further value.

“Mission Accomplished”… What happens next?

So what happens next is where there’s the most common gripe, and where I haven’t been clear. In my opinion, “the job is done,” at least to a major extent. I allude to this in my interview with Mark Glazier in the video below where I basically ask “Mission accomplished Mark, what’s next for you?”

So with a room full of quality supplements, what is next?

My next major fight is not on this battlefield

The average PricePlow Blog reader would love it for us to go on some kind of attack, finding underdosed products to attack and burying glutamine-led prop blends with negative reviews. Or they’d love us to lab test litigious companies who we think are amino acid spiking (bear in mind this costs $2000) and then risk legal problems. If I had a few more zeroes in my bank account, sure, I’d love to do that and more, but sadly, that’s not reality.

So why should I risk such drama and give more attention to scumbags, when I can spend time amplifying the Kris Gethins and Mark Glaziers and Nutrex Clinicals’ of the world? These guys have third party tested products. I can honestly take only NutraBio and the occasional Ghost or Alpha Lion product for the rest of my life and literally call it a day (OK maybe also SteelFit because I do love that Shredded Steel).

That’s the message. It’s game over. The good guys have largely won, and will continue to win. Everything else is icing. Mission accomplished.

Bigger fish to fry. Time for the next battle

So what’s next?

If you follow me, you’ll know that my personal “what’s next” is VASTLY different than Mark Glazier’s “what’s next”. Many know where I’m going here.

While this industry is fighting over stimulants, flavors, and Instagram models, there’s a goddamned metabolic crisis going on, it’s getting worse, and nobody is solving the problem.

Our entire food supply is literally POISONED, first and foremost with toxic inflammatory omega-6 seed oils that are absolutely killing us and ravaging this nation. Yet almost nobody talks about the fact that this soybean oil bullshit is literally everywhere. We’re at a point where you practically cannot go out to eat without getting assaulted by canola oil. We have has-been clowns (yes, CLOWNS) like Arnold telling us to go vegan, when ALL SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE indicates that this is a terrible idea for both our health and our environment.

We have people who are so addicted to their “food” that they cannot go 45 freakin minutes without putting a sunflower oil soaked refined carb in their sad faces. And they’re hilariously told that it’s GOOD for them, when it all ultimately leads to diabetes, horrific dementia, and the eventual downfall of our entire healthcare system — and thus our nation. I’m not being dramatic. This is literally happening before our very eyes, within our lifetimes.

And telling these poor people to “eat less and move more” is akin to telling an alcoholic to just have one beer and stop. It’s a joke — and we’re the butt of it.

If you don’t see this information war occurring, then you’re behind the ball – but again, I’ll own it for not strongly delivering that message. Do you really think I’m going to sit on the sidelines and talk about citrulline freaking malate for another decade while this goes on?! Hell no.

Because there IS a way out of this mess, but there’s a fight to be had. And it’s going to be a hard fight. A brutal fight. A legal fight. And it’s a fight I intend to enter. THAT is the hill I am willing to die on.

So if one of our followers wants me to “think small” and spend my waning time writing about the latest flavor of “Not4Pussy” energy drink or engaging 22 year old boys over what pre workout they should take tomorrow, then I have another message for you: not gonna happen. Why should I die on a hill that Mark Glazier’s already conquered? I am 37 and I have 50 years to take on far bigger evils.


You probably know that I started publicly tinkering with this, too – I’ve spent thousands of dollars on blood tests, glucose monitoring equipment, books, etc. I’m willing to sacrifice my body (to an extent) for the cause, showing what works and what doesn’t in a regular, non-“enhanced” body. Want to watch what happens to my testosterone levels with a month of soybean oil? I’m thinking about doing it. And if you’ve seen any supplement video where I talk about choline or carnitine lately, you’ll notice how much I emphasize how they’re NOT necessary if you’d eat your damn red meat and eggs like we were evolved to do. I’d say “don’t get me started”… but I’m only getting started.

Yet at the same time, we had to back that bus up, realizing that PricePlow itself is about supplements, focusing on as much of the science as we can figure out. My CGM (constant glucose monitor) stuff, seed oil addiction theories, and anti-anti-meat-propaganda rants belong elsewhere, sadly. But they’re coming.

PricePlow is supplements. Mike Roberto is more

So yes, PricePlow will in fact stay in the realm of supplements, and it’ll continue to amplify the message of the do-gooders. We simply don’t have time to worry about glutamine-fronted prop blends. Those consumers will eventually find a Ghost or a NutraBio, I am sure of it. Hell, even GNC’s house brands (forever notoriously shitty) are looking really good nowadays. That battle is won and it’s time for the next beachhead. You hang back and argue about tribulus if you want, I won’t judge. But instead, me and the other brands I plan on developing are going to spend their time moving up the chain, to where the REAL fight is going to be.

This isn’t to look down on anyone who enjoys making a living in supplements. I just think that it’s time for an expanded mission for myself, and thankfully I have the incredible Ben Kane (and a hopeful new hire) on board to rock out with the supplements while I shift some time into that personal pivot. So if a few sponsorships at PricePlow with these amazing lab-tested brands are what it takes to get there, then so be it.

Finally, on the note of money, I promise that you won’t see me driving a fancy sports car anytime soon. I get off on information and experimentation, not material objects. I’d rather buy my own lab tests and eventually some test equipment of my own than that car. So I assure you that any sponsorship money is not going to frivolity. But it’s true, I do make money and I do feed my family damn good home-cooked food with it, and will never apologize for doing so.

Thanks for the feedback

If you’re still here, thanks for giving me the chance to let this out. It’s (obviously) been bottled up for quite a while. I’m doing my best to do multiple things, and I’m going to put my neck — and body — on the line for anyone who is willing to listen. But rest assured there’s a bigger picture envisioned that what you see now. PricePlow is only the beginning. It’s time for me to enter the next fight.

In two months we bring in a new decade. Be ready.



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