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Are Blue Zones Based Upon FRAUD? New Research May Suggest…

Imagine this. You were born in 1925 in a rural area in Italy and have no birth certificate. It’s now 1965, so you’re 40 years old. You know that pensions are given to those who are 60 or older. You’re poor, uneducated, and have just about nothing to lose.

Knowing that you don’t really exist on paper, you submit pension paperwork stating you were born in 1905. What’s the worst that can happen?

Voila, …

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Mice Live Better and Longer on the Keto Diet, But Will You? …and Do You Care?

Recent studies show that showing low-carb diets help mice live longer.

But should we care?

The Keto Diet Mice Longevity Science:

Our review of this data centers on two investigations. The first by John Newman and Eric Verdin et al. had amazing results — Newman and his team found that high-fat diets could offer several benefits:

The Cyclic Keto Diet Longevity Study

Mice that stuck to a cyclic keto diet had improved memory compared to …

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