Forgive Me Buckeyes, For I Have Sinned

… or more realistically, my parents have sinned.

A few weeks ago, my mom was rummaging through some old stuff, where she happened upon an article from the News Herald. It was an article about volunteering, with my picture alongside childhood best friend Jason and our buddy Andy.

And there it is. Fifth grader Mike Roberto, wearing a MICHIGAN shirt!

I could hardly believe my eyes when I saw this! How could I wear such filth? How could my parents allow me to leave the house with that? How was that allowed in our home? What a tasteless obscenity!

So for this Michigan week, I’d like to apologize to my Buckeye brethren out there. Please forgive me.

The unveiling of this skeleton in my closet has been a serious blow to my self-worth, but I hope I can overcome it with a sizable victory over that school up north this weekend, and a trip to the National Championship game!

Miserably humiliated, berto


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