Sales Training’s Over, Time to Get Back Into Shape

The 6 weeks of engineering sales training are over! My final presentation was quite a success and I’m excited to get out to LA!

Unfortunately, since the start of this glorious football season, I’ve exercised about 5 times, and am now in some of the worst shape of my life. I’m still just under 200lbs, but I’ve simply turned all of my muscle into fat.

I feel like garbage and it’s time to turn this around. So here’s the goals:

  1. Weight lift 3x a week
  2. Cardio 3x a week (running or swimming)
  3. 185g protein per day, preferably 200.

To keep track of my diet, I will be using FitDay, which totals your foods’ calorie/fat/protein content.

Additionally, I’m keeping track of my goals using a site called Traineo, which lets you add people who help motivate you (I need to get some motivators). Click the link below to see my profile:


I put in 205 as my goal weight, but don’t care much about weight.

I am now also sporting a minor caffeine addiction. Fun headaches!

In other news, I’m coming home to Cleveland for Thanksgiving and am very excited to get back.

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