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My Best Man Speech for My Brother Nick

On Saturday June 18, 2016, my brother married his beautiful wife Megan in our hometown of Cleveland, OH. This was just a day before Game 7 of the legendary Cavs vs. Warriors NBA Championship, which had the town abuzz (and then some).

I decided to look outside of the box, intertwining Nick and Megan’s relationship with the saga that is our beloved Cleveland sports teams.

Due to ongoing circumstances, a few people have asked me …

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“Never let defeat have the last word.”








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American Airlines Tries to Put Damper on MS150

There’s nothing quite like getting an e-mail from your airline that says “CANCELED” when you’re on your way to the airport.

Then again, you weren’t surprised, since you’re flying on an American Airlines MD-80, which has been grounded due to someone forgetting to use the proper colored tie-wrap.

(changing to first tense) So I went home while getting American Airlines on the phone and checked my options. Fly into San Antonio with another airline? …

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Riding the 2008 MS 150 From Houston to Austin: Help Donate!

Hey everyone!

On April 12, I will be joining the MS 150, a 2-day biking adventure from Houston to Austin to help raise funds for people living with Multiple Sclerosis.

The path is roughly 165 miles long. The 2008 tour map isn’t out yet, but you can see the 2007 map here.

I need to raise $400.00 to the MS Society to ride. Please help me by donating a few bucks to my

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James Laurinaitis: Ohio State’s Most Overrated Linebacker Ever

Update 2009-Jan-08: I have posted a follow-up to this infamous article here: Good Riddance to James Laurinaitis and the 2008 Ohio State Senior Class

This will come as complete blasphemy to the Buckeye faithful, but it is true: James Laurinaitis is the most overrated linebacker Ohio State has ever had.

I’m not saying this because I hate the guy, or because I think I’m better than him — I am not. I am saying this …

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Despite Making it to the Top, We Have Hit Rock Bottom

I don’t have anything to say that hasn’t been said everywhere else. I just thought I’d etch in stone one of the coolest quotes I’ve ever come up with:

Despite making it to the top, we have hit rock bottom

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