Presidential Candidate Ron Paul Comes to USC

During the late afternoon of September 12, 2007, Republican Presidential Candidate Dr. Ron Paul came to the USC campus in Los Angeles to speak to a great number of students and have dinner with his benefactors.

For those of you who don’t know, Dr. Paul is a congressman who has represented the 22nd district of Texas from 1979-1985 and 1997-present. He is an Air Force flight surgeon who was drafted and served during the Vietnam War, and spends his non-political time (on weekends and such) as an obstetrician, having delivered over 4,000 babies.

Ron Paul and his wife Carol have been married for 50 years and have five children.

Despite those unbeatable characteristics, that’s not why I love this man. I love Ron Paul because when it boils down to the basics, he believes in three major things:

  1. Constitutionalist freedom,
  2. Sharply lower taxes, and
  3. Non-interventionist peace

It’s really that simple, and his voting record backs it up. He voted against the Iraq War, he voted against any loss of civil liberties, including the horribly-named Patriot Act, and he has never voted to raise taxes.

So on September 12th, I donned my Ron Paul t-shirt and made my way up to USC. After an absolutely stunning National Anthem sung by Baraka May, Ron came on the stage and gave a great speech to the crowd of students. Ron warned of our uncontrollable fiscal policy, loss of personal freedoms, the dangers of preemptive war and meddling in other peoples’ business, and border security.

Rather than read my words, see Part 4 of 5 for yourself:

It’s not that complicated people. If you want dead American soldiers, don’t vote for Ron Paul. If you want high taxes and socialist regime, don’t vote for Ron Paul. If you want the government spying on you, stealing your property, and censoring your voice, then certainly don’t vote for Ron Paul. As for the rest of you, what in the hell is the problem?

Ed Griffin, the man who introduced Dr. Paul to the followers, put it best: The only person who can win for AMERICA is Ron Paul.

And with that, I officially launch my support for Ron Paul for President 2008, and I will write-in if necessary.

You can see the other videos of Ron’s speech here: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 5

You can see the rest of my pictures here: See also Ron’s Wikipedia Page

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