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What the SpaceX Falcon 9 Launch Success Means to America

Yesterday morning, SpaceX successfully launched their Falcon 9 rocket and accompanying Dragon capsule into orbit, and safely brought Dragon back home. This was COTS Demonstration I, which means they are proving to NASA that they are capable of launching and maneuvering cargo (and eventually astronauts) into orbit and to the International Space Station.

This mission is paramount because the Space Shuttle program is being decommissioned and we’re going to have to rely on Russian Soyuz …

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You Can’t Live the American Dream in Europe

Greetings from Guangzhou, China! A few weeks ago, I traveled to Europe with friends. We did a weekend in Amsterdam, spent Sunday night in Belgium, hung in Interlaken, Switzerland during the week, and then finally the boys and girls split and we guys headed to Munich, Germany for Oktoberfest (the girls opted for somewhat-less-exciting Paris). It was an utterly epic trip.

Throughout these travels, I met an incredible amount of European men and women, and …

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My letter to Congresswoman Jane Harman

I originally posted the following letter on the Facebook only, but since I received so many compliments, I’ve decided to post it here for you:

Good evening Jane, this is Mike Roberto of Hermosa Beach again.

I am quite disappointed that you voted in favor of this morning’s bailout bill. I am, however, pleased that a majority of your peers were wiser than you, saw through this Unconstitutional bill of criminal support, and voted it …

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