One of the Worst Days in the History of Cleveland Sports

Today, October 8th, 2007 was probably one the worst days in the history of Cleveland sports. On this fatefully depressing day, Scott PLAYER was released from the Cleveland Browns. Scott was activated by the Browns on September 18, 2007 when punter Dave Zastudil got injured.

Player instantly became the best member of the Browns due to his one-bar facemask, which is now illegal. Player is allowed to wear one, pictured right, due to his being grandfathered in by the rule (he wore it before the NFL created the rule banning them). Player also had the incredible ability to wear a jersey that said Player, a double-entendre in a league now characterized more accurately as the “No Fun League”.

Scott Player will always be remembered by legions of fans not just for his Pro-Bowl punting abilities, but for his resilience towards the vile ownership of the National Football League. Scott Player will punt again, and when he does, we will be there to support him.

*Sigh*… if only something good could happen in Cleveland for once…

Scott is now supported by his wife Julianne and daughters Ava Anne and Margeau Scott. He was born on Dec. 17, 1969 in St. Augustine, FL.

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