Why I Hope Hillary Clinton Runs For President

As of right now, it’s looking rather promising that good ol’ Hillary Clinton may indeed be the Democratic Party’s 2008 Presidential candidate. Guess what – I am actually pulling for her to win the Democratic primaries. Those of you who know me best must be wondering what is going through my head, as I agree with almost nothing this socialist woman says. And that is still a true statement.

However, more than politics, I am a fan of chaos and disorder. It is actually inscribed on my personal emblem, shown to the side. Just imagine the chaos that would ensue if this woman ran for President. This country would be turned absolutely upside down, and that would be a riot to watch. Blogs would be bursting with fantastically incredulous write-ups. Political debates would actually feature some (but not much more than the John Kerry era) estrogen. Rednecks and businessmen alike would be up in arms. And Fox News would nearly implode.

And while I continue to support Texas Congressman Ron Paul for President, I would sit on the sidelines saying, “This is good for our country. We needed to get our rotten eggs scrambled up a little bit”.

And those rotten eggs smell good.

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