Florida Shows Off That Southern Speed in 2007 Bowl Season

Wow, just look at that SOUTHERN SPEED we keep hearing about from the media!! Let’s see how our good friends down in Florida did this year:

  1. Florida

    Despite losing four bowl games in a row, Michigan takes the hated Gators out 41-35. Florida bounces off of their National Title with a glamorous four-loss season.

    And who was the last team Michigan beat in a bowl game? Drumroll… The Gators! (2003 Outback Bowl).

  2. South Florida

    Humiliated for 56 points by an Oregon team with a back-up quarterback. Back to irrelevancy…

  3. UCF

    Wow, a three-point jaw-dropper to fall to five-time-loser Mississippi State in the Autozone Liberty Bowl.

  4. Florida State

    Loses a mere three dozen idiots due to suspension and then loses to those basketballers at Kentucky. Hey Bowden – Great job on another classy 7-6 season!

  5. Miami

    I can’t find them on the ESPN scoreboard. Oh wait, that’s right — THE U went 5-7 and was not invited to a bowl game. Easy come, easy go.

Hey, at least Florida Atlantic took it to six-loss Memphis in the R+L Carriers New Orleans Bowl!

Now THAT’S some Southern Speed!

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