Riding the 2008 MS 150 From Houston to Austin: Help Donate!

Hey everyone!

On April 12, I will be joining the MS 150, a 2-day biking adventure from Houston to Austin to help raise funds for people living with Multiple Sclerosis.

The path is roughly 165 miles long. The 2008 tour map isn’t out yet, but you can see the 2007 map here.

I need to raise $400.00 to the MS Society to ride. Please help me by donating a few bucks to my MS150 fund.

In return for your donations, I promise to work very hard and finish the race (barring any major catastrophes).

Most of you know that I’m a swimmer and not a biker. In order to learn more about the hardcore training that bikers go through, I’ve been reading Cyclist’s Training Bible by Joel Friel. It is for bikers way more experienced than myself, but I enjoy the technical and scientific aspects of the sport.

I’ve been training along the South Bay Bike Path, which gets extremely interesting once you make it past the airport and into Venice Beach. For hill work, I will begin going to parts of this Palos Verdes Peninsula path.

Thanks for your endless support! berto

PS: I am going to be taking a break from writing for a while. My past few articles have received a great amount of traffic, and I should ride that momentum, but I have too many projects going on for now. I’ll be back later, feel free to contact me.

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