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Study Shows “The Biggest Loser” *IS* the Big Loser

Weight loss is big business in America — over a $60 billion annually.[2] This is no surprise when you consider that one in three Americans over the age of 20 is considered obese, and over 70% of the population is classified as overweight.[3]

Nutrition and media companies alike are well aware of this, and each year there are new products and TV series dedicated to “rapid transformations” and “stunning results.” One of the first of …

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Why the New Diet Soda Weight Loss Study is Flawed to the Core

Diet Coke - Image Courtesy of Niall Kennedy

This week, a new research study is trending, with article titles such as Clinical trial reaffirms diet beverages play positive role in weight loss.[1] This study came out of the University of Colorado’s Denver medical campus.[2]

The TL;DR they want you to read

These stories provide the following bits of information:

  • It was a 12-week trial,
  • 303 participants were selected and placed into a water group or an NNS Group (non-nutritive sweetener — diet

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