Who the Cleveland Browns Will Draft on Saturday

I am a life-long Cleveland Browns fan. I have memories of the Browns and their colossal collapses ever since I was 5 years old. So when asked who I want the Browns to draft with their #3 pick in the draft this Saturday, I respond “nobody”.

With the possible exception of last year’s draft, our first round picks since the return have been absolute failures and horrible strategic blunders. Because of this, I want to do something we’ve never done before: Trade down. With the top-loaded talent in this year’s draft, I think it’s quite possible.

However, I recently had a dream that the Browns drafted Calvin Johnson with Pick #3 in the NFL draft. The idea was to “hold him hostage” and get some trades in return later. However, we demanded too much, nobody traded for him, and instead, we kept the superstar receiver.

Who then, of course, will go on to shatter his right leg, get busted for drugs, and beat some 17 year old girl within the first year.

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