January is World CARNIVORE Month

World Carnivore Month

January is World Carnivore Month! Are you going Carnivore anytime this year?

The start of January not only coincides with everyone’s favorite New Year’s resolution (losing weight), but also with World Carnivore Month. Coincidence? Maybe, maybe not.

The Carnivore Diet (aka the Zero Carb Diet) has been getting more attention and notoriety recently, as people try the diet and experience results unlike any they’ve experience previously. It also helps that the diet has been the subject of discussion on multiple Joe Rogan podcasts such as Shawn Baker and Jordan Peterson (who was turned on to the diet by his daughter, Mikhaila Peterson.

What is the Carnivore Diet?

If you haven’t heard of it or just want the quick breakdown, the basic Carnivore Diet is pretty simple – meat, fish, eggs, and water. However, a lot of Carnivore followers also add in butter and hard cheeses.

Yes, you read that correctly: meat, fish, cheese, eggs, and butter. For meat, beef with a high fat content is preferred. Think ribeyes. No inflammatory vegetables, fruits, pasta, bread, etc. Just protein and fat.

Does this actually work?

Steak and Eggs Shawn Baker

A regular Shawn Baker meal on Instagram – @shawnbaker1967

Your first thoughts may be, “How can that be healthy?” or “There’s no way someone can lose weight eating this way!” But fear not, everything you think you “know” is nothing more than “Big Food” propaganda, say the carnivores. It turns out that Meat Heals!

Numerous Carnivore Diet followers have been sharing their results, and they’re nothing short of mind-blowing. MeatHeals.com has many testimonials to the drastic health improvement from following this diet such as fat loss, increased energy, sleep improvement, mental clarity, improved skin clarity, and improved digestion/gut function just to name a few.

The penultimate elimination diet has landed here.

Once you remove inflammatory grains, fake fats, and unnecessary genetically-modified sugar-laden “fruits” and vegetables, you’re left with all you really need – protein and natural fats – and all of the nutrients to go along with it.

Want more info or want to jump in headfirst? Check out this quick video from the Carnivore Diet Ambassador, Shawn Baker, or head to Shawn’s World Carnivore Month page and learn more about how you can get started now!

Shawn Baker’s introductory Carnivore Diet video:

The movement has continued on Twitter and Instagram, with even some enjoyable accounts like @CarnivoreMemes.

Although Mike I’m not going on a true Carnivore diet this month, I may jump in later on, after getting some preliminary blood work done!

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