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My Best Man Speech for My Brother Nick

On Saturday June 18, 2016, my brother married his beautiful wife Megan in our hometown of Cleveland, OH. This was just a day before Game 7 of the legendary Cavs vs. Warriors NBA Championship, which had the town abuzz (and then some).

I decided to look outside of the box, intertwining Nick and Megan’s relationship with the saga that is our beloved Cleveland sports teams.

Due to ongoing circumstances, a few people have asked me …

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The Best Metal Albums of 2016

Best Metal Album of 2016

After a long hiatus, Mike and MetalBrian are back. 2016 was a legendary year for obvious reasons, but what many aren’t talking about is how epic of a year it was for music and heavy metal.

So here’s our respective Top 15 Albums of 2016, starting with MetalBrian:…

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Why the New Diet Soda Weight Loss Study is Flawed to the Core

Diet Coke - Image Courtesy of Niall Kennedy

This week, a new research study is trending, with article titles such as Clinical trial reaffirms diet beverages play positive role in weight loss.[1] This study came out of the University of Colorado’s Denver medical campus.[2]

The TL;DR they want you to read

These stories provide the following bits of information:

  • It was a 12-week trial,
  • 303 participants were selected and placed into a water group or an NNS Group (non-nutritive sweetener — diet

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