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If You Like “All” Music, You Like NO Music

On my last day in Hong Kong, I had the honor of being the worst-dressed person at a Chamber of Commerce business networking luncheon and speech. The speech was about Hong Kong, so I didn’t learn anything applicable to my business, but I did learn a valuable lesson on how I should network.

We sat at a table with other members of the American Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong. The typical conversation went like …

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You Can’t Live the American Dream in Europe

Greetings from Guangzhou, China! A few weeks ago, I traveled to Europe with friends. We did a weekend in Amsterdam, spent Sunday night in Belgium, hung in Interlaken, Switzerland during the week, and then finally the boys and girls split and we guys headed to Munich, Germany for Oktoberfest (the girls opted for somewhat-less-exciting Paris). It was an utterly epic trip.

Throughout these travels, I met an incredible amount of European men and women, and …

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My Mission Statement

Information, Awareness, and Competition

There are several industries that are dominated by companies, individuals, and even government agencies that spread false and/or unverified information that is unfit for the average consumer. They promote products and services that serve no purpose beyond creating profits without benefit to the end-user. Moreover, these companies often plague the industry with anti-competitive practices, further hurting consumers through high prices and lack of choices.

It is my mission to use my …

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