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Autism Cause THEORY: Is the Increase in Autism from SEED Oils?

Autism and Canola Oil Disclaimer: The following article is an untested theory based upon a small amount of research involving correlational data.

I’m not expanding on this idea, as it is not my fight to fight, but I wanted to publish the article and video to put the theory out into the “Internet ether”, since I believe it to be closer to the truth than any other theory, and I know many unfortunate individuals are out there looking for …

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2018 Study: The Blood Sugar / Alzheimer’s Disease Link Intensifies

Diabetes Alzheimers

In a recent investigation, a positive correlation was found between high blood sugar levels and cognitive decline associated with Alzheimer’s disorder. This finding is even more terrifying as the correlation is positive regardless of the participant’s diabetic state. In other words: more blood sugar, a faster cognitive decline.[1]

The study is titled “HbA1c, diabetes and cognitive decline: the English Longitudinal Study of Ageing”, was led by scientists at the School of Public Health …

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Research Confirms it: The “Sugar Coma” is REAL! But When is it Worst?

A double-blind, placebo-controlled study linked reduced attention and response times to glucose ingestion.[1] In short…

The sugar coma is real.

Sugar and caffeine are a match made in heaven for corporations like Monster Energy. For years now, energy drinks have combined sugar and caffeine. Consumers down the drinks and crave even more, which allows the companies to rake in massive profits. These products promise heightened performance, more energy, and even an improved life. However, …

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Mice Live Better and Longer on the Keto Diet, But Will You? …and Do You Care?

Recent studies show that showing low-carb diets help mice live longer.

But should we care?

The Keto Diet Mice Longevity Science:

Our review of this data centers on two investigations. The first by John Newman and Eric Verdin et al. had amazing results — Newman and his team found that high-fat diets could offer several benefits:

The Cyclic Keto Diet Longevity Study

Mice that stuck to a cyclic keto diet had improved memory compared to …

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Keto Dieters Were Right: Low-Fat Diets DO Increase Death

It looks like decades of death, deceit, and damage done by Ancel Keys, D. Mark Hegsted, Fredrick J. Stare, and the sugar lobby will slowly come to an end as the real truth behind Western metabolic disorders continues to unfold.

Low-fat diets were once promoted as the beacon of health and the key to successful weight loss for decades by fitness professionals, registered dietitians, and even members of the medical community. It was once thought …

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My Best Man Speech for My Brother Nick

On Saturday June 18, 2016, my brother married his beautiful wife Megan in our hometown of Cleveland, OH. This was just a day before Game 7 of the legendary Cavs vs. Warriors NBA Championship, which had the town abuzz (and then some).

I decided to look outside of the box, intertwining Nick and Megan’s relationship with the saga that is our beloved Cleveland sports teams.

Due to ongoing circumstances, a few people have asked me …

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